Extra 260 - Breaking all the Rules

PA Extra 260 Features video

PA Extra 260 - going wild!

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Chosen by the FMT readers in the "best product of the year" survey

Wingspan: 1219mm /48"
Length:1094mm /43"
Wing area: 490 sq.in
Flight weight: approx 955gr/33.7oz
Wing loading: approx 9.9oz/sq.ft

Our Slogan for the new PA Extra 260 is “Breaking All the Rules” – which is literally what we achieved in the design of this model.

We approached the new design with our customers’ “wish-list” in mind and with FiberFusion® construction technology under our belt. The result is an amazing aircraft designed for unlimited aerobatic performance with a level of precision demanded by today’s Freestyle Competitions. 

While the Extra is larger than the PA Katana MD and features fully air-foiled tail section it is actually LIGHTER than the Katana MD! This means the new 260 is now the lightest model in its size category, yet it is one of the robust models available on the market today. 

Designed with a technical challenge of having both precision and extreme agility in mind, the PA Extra 260 will perform the most demanding aerobatics maneuver with the finesse of precision to boot, providing unparallel predictability that will take your aerobatic performance to another level.

The 260 excels in all tumbling maneuvers. Violent walls, violent snaps, spins (representative of full-scale aircraft) are just some of the high-speed, high-energy maneuvers the Extra 260 is capable of performing. On the post-stall extreme freestyle end, the Extra 260 is fully capable of executing one of the best, well balanced rolling harriers (extremely slow and persistent), slow stable harriers (both upright and inverted) with absolutely no wing rock. Extremely stable elevators (allowing long elevators all the way down to a spot landing), tight and stable harrier turns.  Transitions into high Alpha are extremely smooth and stable. The 260 also Knife Edges with the accuracy to perform KE circuits adds a further dimension of precision to the overall flight performance. In a nutshell this is the Extra with THE ALL THE EXTRAS thrown in!

For maximum aerodynamics, the aileron design and construction of this model is exceptional, made in such a way that the hinge gap is completely sealed. This is quite complex to produce: the ailerons fit into the wing trailing edge tunnels and are glued and pre-aligned in the factory. Despite the laborious production of this design, we decided to produce the ailerons this way, as it allows perfect aerodynamic flow over the airfoil and results in maximum efficiency of the control surfaces.

Being this light also mean you can power the PA Extra 260 by the same lightweight 30 size iPAs-drive setup as the Katana MD.  This set up makes the 260 extremely responsive providing absolute control, top notch performance and predictability, so you are able to get out of the most difficult situations with ease. All of these without having to make a costly investment for a demanding power setup essential on other heavier models.

Like any other Precision Aerobatics model, the Extra 260 is built using finest grade material, all cut by state-of-the-art laser and CNC machines. As always, the list of carbon fiber parts is long and impressive.

The two wing halves are removable making it easily transportable for a model of this size, yet compact enough to be transported fully assembled for added convenience, if desired. The carbon fiber wing tube and wing/fuselage sleeve add to the overall strength and rigidity of this aircraft.

In line with PA’s tradition, this model takes the word QUALITY to the next level. From the design to the construction, the hardware and the level of finish - the attention to detail is second to none. The wings are matched individually to each fuselage just like we do on our giant scales and the model is already 99% built for you in the factory consisting of:

  • Wings and ailerons that are pre hinged and sealed!
  • Pre-installed airfoil vertical stabilizer
  • CA hinges already pre-glued on the rudder side and CA hinge slots pre-cut on the fuselage side.
  • Airfoil horizontal stabilizer with the elevator pre-hinged and sealed.
  • Anti rotation pins are pre glued
  • The pre cut cowling is made of fiberglass and is reinforced with carbon fiber. Its aerodynamic design allows air to flow in and cool the motor, battery and ESC for maximum setup efficiency. Two air scoops are also included in the kit.
  • Prefabricated and pre-painted tinted canopy and hatch as one integral unit attached to the model with very strong magnets.
  • High quality prefabricated kevlar pull-pull system already pre-glued and crimped.
  • Pre drilled stiff CF landing gear and pre-installed blind nuts in the fuselage for quick installation.
  • The motor box is pre-glued with the correct thrust line already built in (taking away the guess work).
  • The composite firewall is pre-drilled ready for any standard A30 class size outrunner installation.
  • Wheel pants are pre cut (optional carbon wheel pants are available)
  • Semi-fabricated CF push rods.
  • Pre-drilled CF control horns and Pull-Pull CF servo arm.
  • Pre-installed battery and RX Velcro fasteners.
  • Pre-assembled tail wheel.

The brief assembly is a joy and most modellers will have it set up in one evening. We have also included a deflection gauge to ensure precise control deflection is easily achieved to attain the designed handling characteristics.

So if you demand precision flying with unrestricted freestyle and 3D agility, the PA Extra 260 is the ultimate no-holds-barred, high performance aerobatics machine that delivers.  Its time to take yourself to the next level!

Prop recommendations: 

Vox 13x5 - This is our first choice with the Extra 260 along with the optional Vortex Generators (VGs) installed. The Vox 13x5 with the Thrust 30 motor are excellent combination for extreme 3D and freestyle specifically tuned for slower and graceful 3D. The added thrust provides good traction when flying slow 3D such as slow harrier rolls and slow KE and the excellent propwash provides extra stability in AOA harriers. 

It offers an excellent punch for recovery out of awkward situations especially when learning to hover or torque roll. Allows moderate speed maneuvers with a “giant scale like” overall appearance to the maneuvers. NOTE: Adequate airflow to cool down the motor and ESC is mandatory, as well as throttle management.

We made a few videos of this combination (Vox 13x5, VGs, iPAs setup) for you to download (available on this webpage).  

VOX 12X7 - Nice overall propeller for aerobatics and pattern flying providing more flight speed for high energy maneuvers with longer flight duration than the APC12x6E due to the higher efficiency. It resembles the performance of the APC12x6E but with better efficiency and 3.8A lower current drawn, plus it has the sleekly wooden appearance ;)